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Smiling blue in summer sun,
frothy and thundering in winter storm.

Opening of Jomfruland national park

The national park is 117,000 acres. The park is 27 kilometers long and is located at the far end of the Kragerø archipelago. A large part of the area is sea and seabed. Parts of Stråholmen, Jomfruland, Stangnes on the mainland and 160 islets make up the land area. The national park was officially opened on Sunday 13 August 2017. The opening ceremony was on the pebble beach from kl. 11.45 to 13.20. Then there was a garden party in Tårnhagen with free food and drink, with a mini concert with Lars Lillo Stenberg.

Zoe Barre sings on the outside.

The Coast Guard was visiting.

The opening of the national park.

The opening of the national park.

The opening of the national park.

End in the tower garden with food and music.

Kragerø coffee.

Fish soup on the menu.

Noodles with homemade oyster sauce.

“ After the time when three virgins lived, the island became called virgin land.”


Jomfruland by night

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